We are CNJ, a digital agency focused on boutique-like uniqueness and perfection.



Our vision is to use technology and shape it to create optimised solutions for our clients which change customers lives for the better.


We are custodians of the investment in your digital transformation.


We support you on this journey by choosing the best tools & technologies and optimising your flows, to create digital solutions that will achieve your business goals and growth. 


To achieve this, we combine business & market knowledge, user experience, interface design and development.



We treat our CLIENTS same as our PARTNERS or TEAM MEMBERS. We believe in mutual respect, honesty, good communication and we respect time we dedicate to each other.


LOVE WHAT YOU DO ❤️ This is WHY we do it. Passion. Hustle. Dedication. Fun. Positivity.

KEEP PUSHING 💪 This is HOW we do it… Don’t settle. Progress. Try new things. Set the standards. Don't wait for things to happen by themselves. PUSH.

TEAM UP 👐 No assholes, friends work best together. We believe in team spirit & mutual support. This is what we expect of each other. Honesty. Trust. Humility. Accountability. Speak up.

BE FAIR ⚖️ We need to be fair to ourselves, people and organisations we work with. Don't cheat, we are all here because we took the hard route, not the easy one.

COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY 💬 Communicate to brainstorm, clear paths, make friends, solve problems... just communicate!

BE PRAGMATIC 🙈 Don't over-engineer, it's usually not needed. If you work on something for too long, stop, rethink, take in the perspective, make pragmatic decision. Prioritise!

WIN - WIN - WIN project philosophy


Each project needs to have three WINs to succeed.

WIN - CLIENT We are here to make our clients happy by achieving goals and moving them forward.

WIN - TEAM We believe our team is our greatest asset so we look after it. A lot.

WIN - AGENCY We need to make money and stay profitable so that the company can take care of us.

If we loose any of the three WINS, other two will come tumbling down.